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EnvironmentConfig 1.3b
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Author: Rolando Lopez (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: November 20, 2013 11:29 AM
Version: 1.3b
Views: 57,686
Downloads: 1,357
License: Apache License, Version 2


EnvironmentConfig (EC) aims to solve a problem developers face when using multiple environments in the development lifecycle. That is that each server/environment may have properties that do not match the other servers. For instance, in a three tier development setup (development, staging and production) you may find that the data-source names (DSN’s), mail server address and credentials, path to certain folders, etc. differ from server to server. On each deployment or every time a patch is applied, the developer must ensure those variable properties are correct or else the application will break. Ensuring each environment contains the right values for each property may become a tedious process, especially if the application evolves constantly and/or the app resides in a clustered environment.

EnvironmentConfig address this issue by allowing the developers define each environment and properties in an XML file once. This file is processed when the application starts and EC will automatically detect the environment the application is running at, based on the domain name. The environment’s specific properties are loaded and available to the developer for use in a several ways depending on configuration set.

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You can use the properties returned by EC as a structure of properties (normal or flattened) or with a CFC that EC can create for you on the fly.

Another way to address this issue is using deployment scripts (e.g. ANT), but EnvironmentConfig makes it simpler and has other pros, like the ability to create a CFC with the properties on the fly and even generate the ColdSpring XML file for the CFC if you choose to.

Last Update:

Version 1.3 - Beta
Fixed multiple bugs (see listed below)
Added EnvironmentConfig API that allows you to leverage some of it's core methods in your own applications.

Bugs Fixed: RIA Forge Bug 2,3,4 & 5.

Read EC-ChangeLog.rtf in the documentation for more details.



Issue Tracker:

6 Do you know www.rsore.com Open 12/25/13 1:23 AM
3 Problem parsing this Fixed 12/13/13 7:30 PM
5 Problem parsing properties mixed with text and CFM output Fixed 04/19/11 5:53 AM
4 ColdSpringDefinitionMaker.cfc patch Fixed 04/19/11 5:51 AM
2 nested ${properties} don't pan out Fixed 04/19/11 5:50 AM

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